Good advice for Us Al-Anons

Good Recovery Ideas…..-“WAIT” W.hy ..A.m ..I.. T.alking? .This is a good way to remember an important caution for us Al-Anons.

-Said by a frustrated Al-Anon who found herself using stinking, old behaviors.

“I wish I could pee in a cup to see if I was being codependent again”.

-FEAR: False.. Evidence.. Appearing..Real.

-I am powerless over God’s love. She loves me completely, eternally and tenderly on all occasions. She loves me as much on my worst day as She does on my best day.

-I can never overestimate God’s love. I am continually learning that God loves me way more than I thought he did yesterday.

-God is always near me. I a never have to pray Her in from Chicago.

-The place I learn about God’s love most powerfully is in the eyes of my family and friends. There is an exception to that rule. When I slow down and quiet myself I can feel love from a friend who lives clear across the country. Right now I feel love from my good friend Linda Moll Douglas who lives in Atlanta.

-I characteristically under appreciate myself. I think I got in the habit of diminishing my self in an effort not to be proud.

-If I accept the view of myself that my love ones have in their heart I am far better off than when I base my decisions beginning with a gross under estimation of my power.

-Even if my love ones badly over estimate my value I still have a better starting point for my thinking when I am not giving into my tendency to consider my power negatively.

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