Handling The Pain

Handling The Pain….I have often pictured myself as a mountain lake. My lake is loaded with rabbits swimming around like fish. I know that rabbits swimming around like fish seems unreasonable. If the rabbits are a picture of my buried pain then the swimming rabbits are appropriate because their is nothing rational about me carrying … More Handling The Pain

Getting Old

When I turned 70 it was painful to me because it kinda proved to me I was an old man’ A great line of you sent sweet kind words to me and reassured me. When I turned 80 it was very different. I had the world’s best family party. It was a celebration. I feel … More Getting Old

A Little Bragging

Recently, I asked my daughter JoAnna what would happen if I accepted as my personal reality, all the nice things people say about me. She said, “Dad, I think you should do that. I want you to get started by giving yourself two affirmations every day starting today. ” I replied, “O.K. I will. The … More A Little Bragging

Being Brave

Years ago I went to Magic Mountain with my 4 daughters.I was going to sit out Magic Mountains huge Roller Coastal because it was too scary things are too scary for me to enjoy. The girls would not let me get away with that. They said, “Dad, all our lives you have been telling us … More Being Brave


Not long ago I was talking to a good friend. He asked me if there was one area of knowledge in which I was an expert what would it be. I immediately answered ” I am a world class expert in one area. I know the things that do not work. That is because every … More Mistakes