Faith 2

In the Old Testament the word used for faith is was “Wait” as in “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength they shall mount up on wings as eagles and walk and not faint”,


For me that makes great sense because I often wish God would hurry up and answer my prayers. In the end I get my answer but it comes more slowly than I anticipate.


There is no use wanting the what of God’s will if you do not want the when of God’s love.


Not only is it often true that I need to wait for my answers it is also true that often my answer comes in a different manner than I expected it to come.


Many times my prayer was answered but I did not recognize my answer until months has passed. Then I can see in retrospect that God answered my heart rather than my words. Part of my problem is I am often unaware of the things I actually want. Therefore, I am grateful God understands my prayer requests as interpreted by my true desires.


I had a terribly severe boyhood. It builds my faith to see that God has so brought salvation to my pain that I can see wonderful that the same tragic pain has become a highly valued character strength to my personality.


I notice that the Bible lessons I learned as a boy now as  an adult seem judgmental, fearful. and harsh. My Bible understandings these days are built around “God is love” I give priority to the four gospels so that other scripture understanding I have are required  to agree with the Gospels and not the other way around. Jesus is the foundation for my faith. Everything  else must comply.

“God is love” Therefore God is never mad at me. I am powerless over God’s love. I can neither increase it nor can I diminish it


Therefore God loves me the same on my worst day as He does on my best day.






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