Mystery Or Mastery

I once heard a sister share this at a meeting. She said every morning for 5 or 6 mornings God said I want this day.” She responded ” Oh God how about another day. I am so busy today.”This same exchange between God and my friend had the same exchange. My friend got flustered and embarrassed as the days rolled by. Finally she sort angrily and annoyed said “OK God, you can have this day. I will add what you want me to do to the things I just have to get done today. “God answered lovingly
I want you put on your PJ’s and rest all day.”

When I worked at the mission I sometimes got so exhausted. finally I saw that I was not the things God had put in my life that wore me out. The exhausting things were the things I had loaded on myself because of guilt, fear or things I did to get you approval

Jesus did not say Come unto me and I will really sock it to you. Jesus came to help us see it is our privilege that we can learn to completely rest in love. That kind of romance with God carries the commitments of romance everywhere. We love our lover, spend time together so we can enjoy each other and commit totally to each other. AS was said “Thou shalt love the lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul.

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