Program Ideas 1

  • The more I replace self-centeredness with spiritual centeredness the more restful life seems.

  • If I have no compassion for myself I lose much of my ability to offer others real compassion. Instead I am tempted to offer them condescending praise.

  • Obedience to the Great Command, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, also means that I will treat myself with the same compassion I offer to others.

  • Since I have a hard time understanding myself, I certainly lack the knowledge of other people that would make me a qualified critic of their character and behavior.

  • Liking myself as God likes me seems impossible to me. I guess that means I am powerless to believe God likes me and powerless to like myself. When I think about it, admitting that I am powerless in these areas is the first step toward the miracle which I so deeply need.

  • Humility is not denying I have wonderful gifts. Humility is remembering to be thankful to God for my wonderful gifts.

  • Program gave me the gift of knowing other people in my program have my character defects and that other people’s abilities are as wonderful as mine.

  • God’s favorite joke with me is to cause me to tell someone else exactly what I refusing to hear. As I am talking to other person my hearing aid turns on and I have to listen to myself tell myself the very thing I do not want to hear.

  • Before I had program, when I participated in a small group, along some helpful things, I picked up tips on living in denial.

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