Why I like the Pac 12

I have long rooted for the Pac 12 an it’s previous iterations. Of course that began because I was raised in CA. There are other reasons too. For one thing The PAC have for awhile have always had black coaches. Currently we have 3. AZ, ASU and Stanford.

I also think the west coast liberalism is felt. If Urban Meyer happened in our conference he would have been bounced as soon as a investigation confirmed the facts. I think the woman’s long standing accusations would have resulted in him being gone.

Maybe the SEC or the ACC our the top football leagues. Maybe the ACC is the top basketball league or else Villanova and it’s cohorts.

The Pac 12 has done well in football too [See USC] and basketball [ See UCLA}. But if you count all sports major and Minor,  men and women’s. The PAC 12 currently has 513 NCAA championships. No other leagues are even close.  I love that broad thinking.

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