More Ideas I Live By

  • Zestful, vivid, challenging, evolving, humorous and sexy, are all words I want to be true of my life.

  • Without my program, I have willpower in regard to food. No matter how full I am, I can eat more.

  • I can trust myself around food. I can trust myself to stuff unnecessary food down my throat.

  • I can trust myself to keep working my program. That fact allows me to trust my future.

  • A good program friend said to me, “George, you have always been willing to help us. This is the first time you have been willing to let us help you.” How arrogant is that?

  • I am better at keeping my commitments to others than I am at keeping my commitments to myself. That can’t be healthy, and it is not being humble.

  • I need to accept the level of abstinence I am capable of today, and trust the process of my program with tomorrow’s abstinence capability level.

  • If I fight my disease with the weapon of my will power, I will certainly fail. If use the tools of my program I can succeed.

  • If I get into the ring with the heavyweight boxing champion of the world, I am bound to lose. That is one way that I look at powerlessness.

  • I used to think I was tough. I wasn’t tough. I was just good at numbing out my pain.


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