Noticing Lovely People

I took out a page from the Linda Moll Douglas Encyclopedia of Good Human Behavior. The thing I am going to write about here is the manner of life she just does instinctively ever day of her life.

I was shopping at a grocery store I like because it feels like it is a store for people of low means. Also it has a distinctly Hispanic flavor.. If it matters, I also shop at Trader Joe’s because it has such a fair pricing methodology
I was going into the line at the check out place. It was longish line and I had a small order. An Asian man noticed my load and suggested to me I go ahead of him. I thanked him and entered the line as he suggested.

I placed my order on the moving counter. There was a Hispanic man in front of me. He smiled at me and graciously put in the order divider in front of my order.

I was so touched by his gentle way. He had noticed a very tired elderly man could use a little help I introduced myself to him and told him my name was Jorge. We shook hands warmly. His name was Bernardo. Then I said “It feels so good just two human beings appreciating each other”. He said “It is” Then we just looked into each others eyes for a few seconds.
Soon his order was processed and he went to leave.
When he reached the exit door . he said “Hey George” and waved to me.
There was nothing dramatic about the actions we three took but the effect on me was tremendous. When I was getting ready to leave I turned back and said “thanks again sir.” to the Asian. man. As I turned to The clerk who was a lovely Hispanic lady she gave me a great big smile.

3 thoughts on “Noticing Lovely People

  1. A lovely story, George! Isn’t it amazing how we always, at any moment with anyone, have the opportunity to be kind and to be thankful for kindness. Wonderful!


    1. It is so easy to enjoy being loving. However it took me far to long to get over being afraid to be openly loving. People called me gay. At that time that was scary. Now I know better. Because of the way gay folks have suffered abuse has resulting in the fact that the majority of gay people are very loving and accepting.


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