Inescapable Love

Tonight I am very tired. I look forward to a restful nights sleep.Monday I will be with two of my beloved sisters. One of them is the blonde in the picture just behind me. The next two are my much missed brother David and my sister Ruby. David and Ruby are gone from me now. I miss them sorely but not forever.

A younger man who was a very good friend once said to me”How can you believe in Heaven when things on earth are so troubled.”

I didn’t answer his question. Instead I said. Robert ” When you get to heaven I will be waiting for you and the first thing I will say to you is,”I told you so.”

My confidence that I would see Robert in heaven is because I do not believe that anyone will escape God’s love forever. God will not deny anyone entrance to Her//His presence . She/He just loves us too much to miss the chance to fellowship with us forever.

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