George Caywood

My life experience, my family, my lessons learned.

Things My Program Taught Me

    • I used to be afraid of silence because I thought that that quiet would allow my submerged terrors to emerge.

    • I am an artistic, creative person that grew up feeling obligated to think linearly.

    • I Did the Don’ts to the utmost of my ability.

    • I have learned to be OK even if my loved ones are not OK.

    • I used to feel that life in my family was like having the job of cleaning up after circus elephants.

    • I am so glad to feel like I own my own gut.

    • I have given myself back to myself.

    • ”Do your best” was one of the cruelest things said to me as a boy. I am not sure I have ever done my best in my entire life. “Do your best” ends up making me feel like I am never good enough. If I ever did my best, that would mean that there was no way for me to improve in that area. I can set achievable goa

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