Self Care

I once was teaching a Bible class for the members of the alcohol recovery program that I led at Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles.  As we were approaching the end of our time in the class one of the men asked me a question.

  • “George have you ever cheated on your wife?”.
  • Me ” No I haven’t”.
  • ”  “O come on George. We are never going to get you in trouble. You can tell us the truth. Did you ever cheat?”
  •  ” I am telling you the truth.”

That discussion went on for awhile  as they pressed me for a different answer. Finally the guy asking me the questions threw himself back into his chair in amazement and said in a softer voice “Why Not?’

I answered ” I have never jumped off  high buildings or drank Draino or cheated on my wife all for the same reason”.

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