Good Ideas

  George drives George crazy. I cannot blame anyone else. All other people ever do is reveal my hidden craziness. The always present dark side of my people pleasing is my resentment. If I meditate without following up with obedience, I end up with spiritual pride. If I try to obey without the power meditation … More Good Ideas

Guilt and Shame

GUILT AND SHAME -Guilt and shame are two distinct ideas. Guilt is culpability and does not involve feelings at all. Shame is all feelings. When I am experiencing shame I am feeling less than. I feel that I somehow don’t measure up to other people or to my picture of what I should be. Shame … More Guilt and Shame

Negative Self Talk

I recently had a talk with some of my WA state family. I said  “In all my 80 years of living my negative self talk has absolutely never once told me the truth” . However it has always come to me in the same voice that my healthiest voice. That is confusing to me. I … More Negative Self Talk