George Caywood

My life experience, my family, my lessons learned.

Program Ideas

    • The price I pay for the privilege I have of living in this incredibly enjoyable world, is the work I have to do to make the bad stuff work for me.

    • I am in the world to care, not to cure.

    • There is a difference between being childlike and being childish.

    • In childhood, there here is a difference between responsibility and maturity. The fact that I carried huge responsibilities as a boy, inhibited my normal maturation process.

    • There is a difference between between being judgmental and having good judgement.

    • When I am anxious, the thoughts I hear at a meeting are healthier than the thoughts circling in my head.

    • Since God created the material world and the spiritual world, God is neither material or spiritual and above both. That suggests that we can be above both the spiritual and material world. We can be godly. The way godliness works out for me, is the 11th step.

    • Years ago, When I was with I was with my three year old Granddaughter, the first thing she usually said was,”Let’s have fun!”  That sounds like a very powerful life goal for me.

    • ”I am stuck” is both untrue and damaging for me. I always have alternatives.

    • Saying “I am stuck” tells me I am not living one day at a time. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. If I live the spiritual life consistently, I could be living in London next year for all I know.


Gina Caywood
2670 Golden Ave

(562) 355-3400

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