Lessons My Program Taught Me

  • My program is about me and nobody else.

  • I need to be open to doing new things that are scary, like learning to dance.

  • I have very strong desires to do both good and bad things. The good news is, that today I know the difference.

  • It seems to me that I used to think that the more things I did, the faster I would get to Heaven.

  • Because of my disease, non-specific requests for my help are dangerous to me.

  • I used to never want to see my account balance when I withdrew money at an ATM. In program, I learned that ignorance is not bliss.

  • I use to slobber compliments all over people so they would like me. In program, I learned of the deep pleasure there is in giving a sincere compliment.

  • I can now freely learn from other people. I use to be afraid for you to know that I didn’t know.

  • Serenity is a product of the dailiness of my program. It is not a lesson to be learned once, forever.

  • One way for me to deal with my sense of helplessness is to help less.


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