Good Ideas


  • George drives George crazy. I cannot blame anyone else. All other people ever do is reveal my hidden craziness.

  • The always present dark side of my people pleasing is my resentment.

  • If I meditate without following up with obedience, I end up with spiritual pride. If I try to obey without the power meditation brings to me, I end up with legalism. That is why I love the wisdom of the 11th step.

  • Faith is a time word. If I have faith, I know that my good deeds will bring positive results, even if the results do not mature for 200 years.

  • Retreat is wonderful and a necessary part of me taking care of myself. However, to me, isolation always self-destructive.

  • The question I need to ask myself is not, “what action will make me comfortable?” If what I want is fullness of life, the appropriate question is, “What is the most alive thing I can do at this moment?”

  • I give up trying to resolve myself into healthy eating. I need to ask for Higher Power help all day each day.

  • My life is only unmanageable to me. It is fully manageable by a partnership between my Higher Power and me. God provides the power when I am ready to grow.


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