Negative Self Talk

I recently had a talk with some of my WA state family. I said  “In all my 80 years of living my negative self talk has absolutely never once told me the truth” . However it has always come to me in the same voice that my healthiest voice. That is confusing to me. I can distinguish my healthy thinking from my thinking disease if I follow a few principles. They follow.

  1. My healthy voice is always space time real. For example my healthy voice might say “This morning you lied to Tom”. My disease says “You are a nothing but big dirty liar”.
  2. My diseased voice says attacks my character”. My healthy voice always comments on a specific instance of my behavior.
  3.  My sick voice tends to make me feel hopeless. My healthy voice gives me specific way of healing like ” You may want to make amends to Tom or you could call your sponsor.
  4. My sick voice is usually pushie. My Healthy voice is very gentle.
  5. My sick voice demands an action of attack  right now. My healthy voice says “when you are ready here is something you may want to do.

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