A Teenager’s Tough Spot

One time I met a young boy about 16 who had run away and ended up on the streets of LA. I do not know what was happening in home back in Wisconsin that caused him to go on the run  but because I got the boy to let me call I knew the parents were frantic. The boy’s name was Bill.

Bill had hooked up with a thug from Hollywood that I knew was apt to make him a part of a sex trafficking ring. He was telling Bill that he had a nice apartment  and contacts that would help Bill get a job in the movies.

I finally convinced Bill he needed to go home. I had a bus ticket back home for him provided by Travelers Aid. He wanted to go home but insisted he wanted to say goodbye to the thug, I agreed to that.

I had a wonderful friend named Tom. I miss him till this day. Tom had been on the street for a long time. He was a huge man and heavily muscled. No one on the street ever messed with Tom.

When Tom heard I was going to meet the thug with Bill, Tom insisted on being there when Bill and the thug said goodbye. We met in the Mission’s parking lot right next to the mission. Bill said his goodbyes and a friend of mine took him to the bus station,

After Bill was gone Tom went up to the man and softly spoke to him. I didn’t think about what Tom had said because I was so relieved Bill was on his way home. Later when I asked Tom what he said he didn’t want to say. Finally he told me. He told the man he better pray that I did not have accident or  get sick because if I had any trouble Tom was going to go after him and make sure the thug paid a heavy price at Tom’s hand. I do not remember the parents contacting me but I am sure they had thanked me somehow.

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