Grandpa’s Game

I have two granddaughters. Parker is 17 and Greta is 14. They are amazing young people in every way. I admire, respect, and love them deeply.

When they were much younger we used to play roughhouse games. Basically, they were pillow fights and beyond. Playing with them and much earlier with their mom and aunts was a powerful remedy for my own woundedness.

I once asked my therapist where I got my drive to be spiritually and emotionally healthy. She said “You did not really have a childhood. When you played every night with your 4 girls it gave you a wonderful second childhood and also where you found your healthy drive”. Of course, the fun I had with my granddaughters continued  that healthy trend.

One time when Greta, Parker and I were long into our helaciously loud fun. the girls father Eric came in our room. He said to me “I was out back in the yard. When I passed the window to this room I stopped and listened for awhile. I loved hearing my kid’s squeals of delight”. That was a sweet, lovely moment for me.

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