How To Catch The Eye Of Woman

Years ago I was in San Francisco visiting My daughter. She was working as an attorney from an office on the other side of The City. I decided to buy her flowers to take to her. I bought them close to where I was staying. That meant I carried a bunch of florist flowers in a large beautiful arrangement clear across the city

All the way across woman were saying things like “Someone is sure lucky” or “You are such a sweet man”. It kept up that way for the half hour it took to get to her office”. I loved it.

Also there is an ocean pier near here In a city called Seal Beach. On the beach there is a rock break water both to the left and to the right of the pier. The break waters are about 3/4th a mile in both directions.

Once a week I would bring a plastic bag to the beach. One week I would pick up the trash to the left and the next week I would pick up the trash to the right. I did that for a few months.
Some of attention was from bathing suit attired females. A few times the women would would run over to me with trash from their area. They would say very admiring things and once a woman gave me a hug. If they didn’t come over they would shout nice things at me. I also enjoyed that attention.

I reminded of that because today is earth day. I think our beautiful Planet is in trouble.


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