Hard Work? Oh Boy!

My second daughter is Jill. Let me introduce her. How many Dad’s think it is necessary to suggest to his grade school daughter That she play more and ease up on the study. I also would not let Jill organize the hopelessly  cluttered garage,  As a preteen Jill to do all laundry for the whole family.You have to understand that Jill is not interested in notoriety. She loves to accomplish things. That is especially is loves to help her family when they need help.

Her daughters recently saw an injustice in the way that girls are steered away from the technical careers. [See Project Nerdy girls]. Jill did not take over the idea over the idea and run with it. The idea away from the girls It has always been  Greta and Parker’s idea. Jill came a resource for them as the project came to fruition

To me Jill has always been on my side. organised me respects me. All of in the circle of her love think she is just grand because she is a fine woman

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