Being Her Own Person

JoAnna is my youngest daughter. To us and to lots of others she is known as Jo. She is a treasure to all of her family and to everyone else who knows her including her husband Matt of course. She has a kind and loving way about her but she has always insisted on her right to make up her own mind.


Once when she about five we went on a camping trip. On this particular day we put all the things we had along on the trip for sandwiches on the table and told the girls to make themselves a sandwich.


They loved that idea and busily began working on their own creations. Before long there was a chorus of loud complaints aimed at JoAnna “That is so bad!”. or “Jo that is just terrible !” or “You are going to be so sick”. Her sisters were all complaining about Jo’s sandwich creation. It contained peanut butter and jelly, lettuce, tuna salad, apple butter, and vienna sausages and so on.

In the face of all the opposition to her sandwich  Jo just kept adding ingredients. Finally {and I will never forget the look on her face} she calmly looked into the eyes of her siblings  and said “Pass the mayonaise”.


I have to add, she ate every bite.

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