Loving God

The Eleventh Step…..-The word Conscious implies several things to me. one is that a conscious deliberate effort on my part. This an suggestion that requires a conscious decision on my part to take the action suggested.

-What has been normal for me is that I wait until I feel stressed and then ask for God’s help. The Serenity has been useful. It is a powerful reminder that I am a spiritual creature and I want to seek spiritual help from God to be able to peacefully work through my situation. That is a wonderful way to take care of myself

-However I think something deeper is going on here. If I wait until I feel stressed to reach out to God to me that implies at first I am not conscious of God’s nearness and then I take steps to bring a consciousness of God into my situation. I think it is possible to make God’s love a part of my precognitive, prepositional awareness. In other words I am aware of God’s love as a basic part of my immediate and ongoing view of myself in my world.

-For example I am a male. As I live out my life I never have to say “Let’s see. I am a male therefore being a male I should behave in the following way. Before I begin to experience this moment I already have my maleness built into my perception. In the same way as my maleness is prepositional I believe the love of God can be prepositional. That way I never have to look for God I will be begin every situation with a powerful awareness of Her/ His loving, helpful, powerful and wise nearness.

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