Fun Family Game

I have four daughters. Counting my wife and I that makes a family of six. The game we played involved a single die. My youngest daughter was assigned the number 1 and each of the other girls were give numbers three through five by age, my wife was 5 and I was six.

To play the game one of us would roll the die. If she rolled 6 it became my turn to share. When the other family members had their number rolled it was their turn to share.

The subject of the sharing was picked by the person that just got to share. It might be your favorite color,Bible verse,  place for the next family vacation or any other subject. One of the choices sometimes picked might be “What to you like about the person on the left, Another subject that made us all self conscious was “What do you like best about yourself. Sometimes it would take 5 minutes before the sharing person came up the their own quality.

One time after we had played for quite awhile I siad. “Ok that’s enough. It is time for you all to go to bed”. The girls all the girls began to loudly, joyfully protest. After awhile I finally gave in with a stipulation that the next time someone rolled my number [six] the game was over. They agreed.

The next person rolled and it was not a six. They all cheered. Every roll turned up another number and not six. The next number also was nit six and so on for maybe fifteen minutes. Every time the number rolled was not six the excitement grew and grew. Each roll aws louder and the tension was higher.

As the rolls rolled on [That was pun by the way] I began to get mini sermons about how God was on side of the kids so I should keep the game going. The truth is I could resist just one of them working to persuade but I was seldom able to resist all four protesting at the same time.

It was hilarious to watch. I think the neighbors must have wondered what was causing al that ruckus at the Caywood’s. I finally ended with a six rolled .The girls went off to bed feeling that they had won the game and beat there old man.

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