Never Cry Over Spilt Milk

When my girls were all  teenagers things at our house sometimes got hectic.The girls all attended a smallish Christian High High School. All of my girls were all popular, good students cheerleaders, athletes and well liked. As it happens they re all really beautiful. We also had a swimming pool. That combination meant that the flow of young people through all home was busy, full of life and hectic.

I made a promise to myself that I would love anyone they brought home. That was very easy to do because they were all wonderful human beings. My oldest daughter might disagree about my commitment because she brought a guy home that strained until breaking my commitment to love them all. That is  another story but it had something to do with the fact he was a Dallas Cowboy fan.


One of the young people highlights was my youngest daughter  JoAnna’s good friend Michelle. I guarantee you would like her too because she is so likable. She and Jo were cheerleaders together. She to this day is someone I love, respect and admire.

One time when Michelle came over for dinner something I love to remember happened. WE were all on our screened in and covered patio. On hot summer days it was the place to be. . Dinner was on the table. It wasn’t a particular big table. Seven of us including Michelle were crowded a bit around the table. There was lots of fun, excited talk and the food was being passed to us. It was sort of a delightful, high spirited mood. We were excited partly because Michelle was with us.

In the hubbub, Michelle knocked over her full glass of milk. I looked at her and she looked terribly embarasedand stressed. That bothered me because nothing seemed import to be except she was so miserable. Spilled milk was a regular event at our house including me but I spilled water. Without thinking I reached over and purposely knocked over my water glass. Things got very quiet around the table.


I looked at Mitchell and said ” We don’t sweat things like spilled milk around here. We all immediately relaxed of course Michelle and returned to the business of enjoying our time together.

My JoAnna and Michelle are still very close friends. Jo recently told me that Michelle is very successful in her career Jo also told me that this story is a valued and appreciated part of Michelle. I am delighted about that and could not wait to share that with you.





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