Norman and Me

Norman Rockwell was an artist who became the cover illustrator for the magazine “The Saturday Evening Post back in the 1950s and 1960s. He was known for creating magazine covers that were sweet, nostalgic, idealized snapshots of American life.

A few years back at a meeting I heard a woman say that Someone should find Norman Rockwell and drive a stake through his heart.” In saying that the woman felt Rockwell pictures were a demonic influence. She was of course being humorous but she had a point.

For example, his Christmas covers depicted a perfect family Christmas. The turkey was cooked just right. Everyone was perfectly convivial, The expectation that most powerfully disturb my serenity are the expectations I put on God. Sometimes I am disturbed my the things God chooses to do and chooses not to do. I ask questions like where were you when…? Or why don’t you help me win the lottery? Or maybe why did you give power to Hitler? Or why are so many people in the world hungry?

There are some words uttered just before the Crucifixion. “My god my god why hast thou forsaken me”

That is to say that the ways of God are sometimes bewildering to us even if our name is Jesus Christ.

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