God As I understand Her/Him

– In the Genesis creation story God says that he was going to create us In Her/His image, male and female. For me that means that God is both Male and female. The problem is that until a few years ago almost all theology was written by males. Not surprisingly, theology is written from the male perspective.

-I Think that that I need a new pronoun for God. Is God a She? Then She would exclude any masculinity. Is God a He? Then all femininity is excluded. Is God an It? Then all personality is eliminated.

-Years ago Estes Kefauver was a southern senator running for President. In his campaigning He often said with his deep southern accent, “My name is Estes Kefauver I am running for President.I need your help.” When he pronounced Help it came out “Hep”

-To me Hep became my new pronoun for God because God has always been my help. I am 77 years old now. God is helping me have marvelous senior years. I am glad because I have chosen to live to be 106.

-I have experienced the scripture “God is Love” all my life.

-A wonderful example of God’s love for me are my incredible daughters. I was with two of them for breakfast yesterday.for breakfast. As I write this I am feeling the powerful ways they have expressed their love and respect for me.

– I am powerless over God’s love. God always loves me totally, personally, warmly, eternally, mercifully and in an infinite number of other ways.

-That means that God loves me the same on my worst day as She/He loves me on my best day.

-That means that God loves me completely independently of my performance.

-I never have to to pray God in from Chicago.She/He is always nearby.

-Once I found myself in a job situation for which I was completely unprepared. I didn’t have either the knowledge or training or experience. The job I had to do was extremely important to me and other people. I told God if I was going to do it, I needed a miracle a day. I was wrong. I needed two miracles a day and as I worked day by day, I found that the things that needed to be done got done and ultimately a gorgeous new building was built

– One thing I know is I have had far to many good things pass me by because I was too afraid to try.

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