Stale Donuts

Stale Donuts……I worked as a kitchen helper while I was in college. The head cook frequently gave me food to take home to my family. At that time we had 4 little girls. Once the cook gave me a bag of stale donuts. We all dug in and enjoyed them. After a few days we had a few left over. They were twice stale by then.

One evening my wife said she was going to take these old doughnuts to a neighbor we did not know two houses down. I gently tried to talk her out of doing it. I didn’t want to have her or the neighbor woman to be embarrassed or uncomfortable. Well she did it anyway. While Jerelyn was gone I prepared to help her because I knew she was going to come home crushed.

She came home fifteen or twenty minutes later. She floated into our home. She was absolutely glowing. What had happened was when Jerelyn gave her the donuts the neighbor we did not know burst into tears. The neighbor had been terribly lonely and felt completely isolated.As I remember she had just moved and missed the stability and familiarty of her old home. She invited my wife in and they talked for a while then had prayer together. That started a beautiful friendship.

I love it when God teaches me that I am not as smart as I sometimes think I am.

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