Am I Prejudiced

When my 4 girls were in middle school one of them asked me a tough question. She asked “Dad are you misoganistic? The girls often surprised me with the words they used to express themselves.
I said “I don’t think any man raised in this culture can guarantee he is free of prejudice against women. I can promise that whenever I see it in myself iwill act to firmly adjust my thinking.

The talk these days is the way NFL players are protesting against police brutality. I remember whe a good friend named Ron who was black discribed how he was treated growing up in Texas. He said when he was riding his bycycle he had to have a watchful eye out because white teenagers would drive by holding a 2×4 out the window to knock him off his bike.

it is true that uptown Coronado, CA parents sent me home when I wanted to play with their son. That may be give me a small insight into what black people live in. However, my small discrimination because I was a project kid is not in the same universe as t black men being shot by police and never being convicted.

Am I free from racial prejudice? Who knows, but when I see it in myself or feel divine conviction in my heart I will pray for God’s help and do whatever I need to do to free myself from that hatred.

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