My Poem From My Friend

My Friend George…..An elder so fierce in his gentleness, he disarms the mightiest of foes.
The simple wisdom of a sage, twinkles and glimmers through a foolish
child’s delight in his eyes.

He brought tears to my eyes with harsh truths of a boy’s nightmares
turned to gold in the healing alchemical vessel that is our
lives in the mystery and grace of an ever present, ever potent
force of love and wisdom.

Like an unworthy, frantic, needy boy, who turns his pockets inside
out, spreading all the contents before him, marbles, a rabbit’s
foot, a bubblegum card.

I may not have done well in school. But I’m smart.
I’ll tell you all I know.

He says shush. Let’s relax and just enjoy one another.

Written for me after we had gotten together for the first time,
by my good friend Chris Giatris

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