Meeting Human Need

There are three ways to respond to human need. The first is to respond to need on the basis of the needs I see. If I try to do that I risk dying physically. I nearly did myself in over and over in this way when I was at the mission.

The second way is to ignore need. If I do that I die spiritually.

The third is to respond to need on the basis of walking in the spirit. When I live that way my Higher Power gives me the tools I need and the strength I need. When I walk in the spirit and meet need I experience the joy of doing with God.

I often told new employees at the mission to keep in mind the scripture that describe the feeding of the five thousand. A boy nade what might seem a silly offer of five loaves and teo fish when Jesus wanted to feed this mass of people. The boy could have said I am going to eat my own lunch. Why should I go hungry because all these people did not plan for a meal like my mom did for me. If he had used that logical reasoning no one would have been fed However, he did what he could do and gave his lunch to Jesus to do with as he chose.

As ot is told, Jesus multiplied the food so everyone ate their fill and that there was also an excess. When I used the same logic as the boy when I was working at the mission I was saying “Father I am like the boy in the story as I offer what I can to you no matter how inadequate I feel I have done my part. I can  trust to you to multiply my offering as you are able to do I can do my work ina more relaxed way and avoid the constant sense of inadequacy that haunts can haunt me. I can then turn my attention to trying to also be a good husband and loving father.

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