Old Words Of Wisdom 3

The following ideas have helped me.

-I thought love was something I had to earn. That meant that when love was freely given, I did recognize it as love.

-Draining myself does not fill up other people.

-I am trying to learn to keep my sense of self around powerful people.

-I grew up in a siege mentality, always hyper alert trying to protect myself.

-I needed to die if she died.

-Obsession is not love.

-Sometimes I have to do the ridiculous in order to allow God to do the miraculous.

-I do not have to wait to live my life until someone else gets better.

-Sometimes I need to get my old clothes out of the closet so that I have room for new clothes.

-Sometimes when I feel I need to make a decision between option A or B, I find there is an option C.

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