One Day At A Time

The following ideas about “One day at a time”, have helped me.

-When I first heard the suggestion that I live one day at a time, I said, “Just one day” Now I say, “All day?”

-I want to stay intimately connected with the moment in which I am living.

-I need to keep my nose out of God’s business. The past and the future are God’s business.

-The twelve steps helped me to turn over my past to God. Living one day at a time keeps the future in God’s hands.

-The road to madness has two names: “Only” and “What If”?

-I have all the grace and strength I need for today. If I compare today’s strength with every problem I could conceivably have in the next thirty days, I will feel overwhelmed.

-One way I insulate myself from this present moment is to retreat into self criticism.

-Another way I insulate myself from the present moment is to compare myself to others.

-Another way I insulate myself from this present moment is to dream of the future in a way that excuses me from doing the next indicated thing.

-If I live in the present, I see all the wonderful little love touches that God uses to reach out to me.

-Life gets tougher as I get older. The strength I have today is great for today, but it will be insufficient for when I am ten years older. Therefore, I need to make sure I make the effort to grow each day so I can keep up.

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