Things I Learned the Hard Way

Things I Have Learned the Hard way…..

If I have a pound of resentment, it takes two pounds of energy to keep it under control.Therefore, if I unload a pound of resentment, I get three pounds back that I can then use for the enjoyment of life and for service.

-I can not cure my sick mind with my sick mind.

If -I don’t know what to do, I should:

……1. Ask God for his will.

……2. Believe He will answer.

……3. Wait for the answer.

-If I go to a good program meeting and say, “I just murdered someone,” they would respond, “Well, we have to phone the police, but we love you very much.” Said by a grateful woman at an meeting.

-One of the roads to madness: “I could be happy if… The other road to madness is What if.

-I need your encouragement sometimes and you need my encouragement sometimes, if we are both to live in courage.

-My thing sometimes is, “Ready. Fire. Aim”. Sometimes saying nothing is the right thing to say.

-I am not fun to be around when I am resentful.

-Being overworked by good deeds and ignoring my need to rest, is neither mature or spiritual. Happy is better than sad. It took me decades t0 learn this one.

-I have a lifetime to learn from both the good and seemingly bad experiences of my life.

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