What I Don’t Know

I watch a lot of science doc’s. I am getting very impressed with what we don’t know. We can only observe 4+% of the universe. The other 95+% is dark matter and dark energy. All we know about 95% of the universe is that we can observe it’s gravitational effect on light and matter.

How much of the 4% that can be observed do I know? If I am a genius like Einstein Maybe I understand 1% of the 4%.

All that means to me is that I need to be extraordinarily humble and open minded. Thinking like that means it is OK for me to feel I can actually sense your love and presence when I want or need to.

This is a new world of thought for me. My experience is I literally feel your actual love for me if I quiet my myself and pay attention. I am thinking of an old song I used to sing. The words went “If I am dreaming let me dream on”.

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