Looking Back

When  I was just starting my program I would write down things people said in meetings so I could remember them.

-”My solution to my unhappiness was to find someone who knew how to live and do what ever he said.”

-When I am able to take care of myself around others, it helps me to accept them just as they are.

-”Being crazy takes so much freaking work.”

-Detach any way you can, short of murder.

-”When am I going to start living my life?”

-Feeling that I was different from other people is something I do to keep from connecting.

-Today is really OK. I just don’t like it.

-After years of chaos, I discovered I had undervalued boredom.

-Sometimes when I feel distressed, I feel I have a feeling of being trapped in my pain forever. That feeling is normal and I accept it. However, I know it is just a feeling. It is not fact.

-It is OK to look at the past, but it destructive for me to stare at it.

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