Jumping Off

Today I want to write about how there is no difference between your righteousness and mine.  Any difference between how much we are in terms of who is the most righteous  a does not exixt because you are not my standard and I am not yours. The standerd is God’s holiness. That means we all are totally, absolutely dependent on grace. “There is no dference for all have sinned” says Paul

One of tmy favorite places near me. is the Seal Beach Pier. Me and a sponsee have had  many sessions together on the pier enjoying the ocean and each others company. The pier is long maybe three or four hundred feet. There is a nice restaurant at the end of it. The end of the pier there are fences that pretty well prevent anyone frrom jumping off.

I want to imagine that there was no protective fence at the end and that a bunch of us had gathered at the end of the pier so we could have a jumping contest. I decided to go first. I am 5’9″ and stockily built. I am 79 years and healthy but I am definitely not good at jumping. Then other people of different ages and both sexes began jumping off the pier. The last three jumpers were good atletes including a track member of the UCLA track team who was one of the best long jumpers in the country. He had Olympic ambitions.

There is a judge in a inflatble boat down in the water placed where he could measure and record everyone’s jumping distance. To no no ones surprise the Olympic jumper jumped much further than me and every one else.

However, the event was planned was meant to see if anyone could jump to Hawaii. Sure, some people went further than some of the others but if we were all trying to get to the Hawaii there was really  no meaningful diffence between us. We all fell impossibly short of the goal.

If God wanted us to go to Hawaii he was going to have to get us there In fact, She/ He has already arranged for the trip. .We all have it made.

Suppose you and I were in an argument about who was at fault in a situation we both were in. Me trying to say you were 58.3 percent wrong and I was only 41.7 wrong is  wasting my time. That is because in the end we both are going to have to surrender to the idea that “The Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us at all” and go on in love and gratitude from there.


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