-If fear is horribly limiting then courage is wonderfully fulfilling

-My Higher power is always available to me so I am more willing to take risks when I am consciously aware of God’s presence.

-Carefully working my program including prayer and meditation I slowly but consistently become aware of God’s presence in my life

– I am very pleased that I am learning I never have to pray God in from Chicago.

– My Higher Power never asked me to do two things at once.Therefore, If I feel I have 100 things to do at the same time.I can safely put 99 of the 100 things on my mind into my God’s hands and give full attention doing the next indicated thing.

-My Higher Power never asks me to do something that is beyond my ability.

-Sometimes doing the next indicated thing seems way beyond my view of myself. That is because I am asking myself “Can George Caywood do this thing”. The answer is seldom yes.

-Can George Caywood with God’s’s help do this thing. The answer has to always be yes. George Caywood without God is a figment of my imagination like Mickey Mouse. God is now and always has and always will be with me.

-In program we are always talking about powerlessness. In fact the program gives me enormous power.When I am doing my best to do things God’s way I have all heaven and earth on my side.

-If I owned a new red Mustang Convertible that I can not start I will never experience it’s power. Maybe the reason it won’t run is I am using water as fuel. The car was made to run on gasoline not water. I soon as I clear out the the water from the car’s systems and put gas in it the car, the car will be powerful and fun.

-The water in the car corresponds to my self efforts and the gasoline corresponds to God’s power.

-Self condemnation is the brakes on the car. Love for myself, God and other people is the accelerator.

-Human guilt and shame acts like the brakes on the car. If I am always driving with the brakes on I limit myself powerfully. The accelerator is love.

-I see enormous love in the eyes of the many people that love me.

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