A Really Bad Experience

A few days ago I had a disgusting an d humiliating experience. I had not been able to move my bowels for three days. I also could not urinate at all.
The urinating problem was particularly disturbing  to me because of a warning given to me when I broke my back a few years ago by my neurosurgeon. He decided not to operate but told me if I got in a situation where one of 8 or ten symtoms occured I needed to get the hospital asap because something severe might be happening to my spinal cord. One of the warning symtons was the inability to urinate.I phoned my daughter and we agreed that I should go to the VA emergency room immediately.
When I got to my car I felt light headed and very sick. I decided not to drive but to go up to my apartment and call an ambulance.
I came back to the building heading toward the elevators. As I crossed the building lobby all of a sudden my bowels cut loose.
Of course I was humiliated and embarrassed. I also felt much sicker.
I could feel I was going to have have another diarrhealmovement right then so I headed to the men’s room I had repeated diarhea over and over for about ten minutes.
I said to myself “How on earth am I going to clean up my mess? I will only make things messier unless I could get my bowels settled down.
As I came out of the restroom a maintenence man was working on the necesary clean up. I was so grateful to him for for his kindness. I still feel that way.
Once I got to my apartment I took Anti diarrheal meds. I continued to have diarrheal movement for a half hour or more. When the movements stopped I assumed incorrectly that the maitenance had cleaned up for me so I laid down to rest.
I  want to apologize to fellow residence for what they had to experience and endure. I want to make clear that the mess was totally involuntary on my part.
I have lived here for 15 years now. I have always tried to be a good citizen. I did not participate in any of the lawsuits because I felt Plymouth West ahd made a heroic effort to solve the bed bug problem . I have tried to do my part in keeping the building clean and orderly.
I was sure  you would want to hear my perspective on ths situation
 Maybe yoy would like to have this conversation with me personally as we have not had a chance to get acquainted but I would gladly make an appointment if you desire

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