How Love Spreads

While I was in WA, a man who parkd next me scraped my car baking out. He is Filipino and is not  well. I do not know him much at all.
He just knocked On my door to tell me he scraped my car backing out. I would have been nice to him anyway but I loved him a lot. It was like my love for Matt and the girls  spread to him.  It moved me deeply and surprised me a little I guess. I didn’t realize how loving the Briones increased my ability to love some else. With holding love from someone limits my ability to love the next the next person. If I love my own fmily but I am racist  it must denies me some of my own ability to love. Not loving some person must limit or reduce my abilty to love perhaps even my own family. I don’t have iot all figured out. I would love to have you  pitch in to make sense of this. Love Dad. What a pleasure you are to me. Love You Deeply, Dad

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