When my four girls were small, my Mother lived with us for a while. One time the kids were concerned about my Mom, their grandmother, dying. She told them a sweet story.

She said, “I love being alive. It is like living in a two story house. There is a party on the first floor. I especially like this party because you girls and your Mommy and Daddy are at the party with me. It is a wonderful party. It has good food, interesting conversations, children playing, singing, storytelling, and many other happy things to enjoy.

“There is a second party going on upstairs. It is an even better party. You can’t go to the second party until you get your invitation. All of us will get an invitation someday, but some of us will have to wait a little longer.

“I think I am going to get my invitation before you children get yours. When I am invited upstairs, I will be a little sad, because I won’t be with you for a while. But I will also be excited, because I know the party upstairs is such a fun party, and because I know you will be at the upstairs party with me someday.

“While I am upstairs enjoying my party, I will be thinking of you. I will dream of the day you will get your invitation so that we can all be together, forever. When you come to the upstairs party I will be waiting for you. I will be so, so happy to see you. But in the meantime, I will remember that, you are enjoying a very wonderful party downstairs.”

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