Mustard Seed Faith

There is a piece ancient spiritual wisdom that is widely known. It says “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains”. I have recently realized that that saying puts the emphasis less on the size of my faith and more on the size of my Higher Power [hereafter HP]. In other words my HP is so powerful that any faith at all produces overwhelming results.

In the Moses story God was working with Moses to get Moses to take on the task of freeing the Israelites from the slavery they were under in Egypt. To help Moses be willing to take the task of freeing the Israelites from the Pharaoh’s power God needed to change Moses point of view from Moses’ capabilities to God’s capability so that Moses would realize that it was perfectly possible that he could free the people from their bondage.

Years ago I caught myself thinking what would I do if my HP would withdraw her/his help from my life. As I thought about it I realized that my thinking was totally separated from my reality. The truth is I would never, ever be without my HP’s help.

George Caywood without the presence and help of his HP simply does not exist and never would exist. George Caywood without God is a figment of my imagination. George Caywood without God is like Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse.

Therefore, as I consider my future and what I am capable of accomplishing I must do so on the basis of my factual reality. My factual reality is I will always have the power of the Almighty working with me. On that basis I can accept and act out the will of God in my life. That will always be true and it will never be false. Therefore:

I don’t need to be afraid of the Pharoah’s in my life.

I am not limited by my natural ability.

As God used Moses’ very ordinary shepherds staff to part the Red Sea so the Israelites could become free from Pharaoh’s power God will use the very ordinary things about me in powerful ways.

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