Mind Your Own Business

There are two very similar slogans in program. The first is “Mind your own business.” The second is “Live and let live”. Both of these slogans have as the same idea as their primary meanings.

At first glance it may seem the base meaning are not the same but they are. The most basic meaning is this is a wonderful world with astounding opportunities. There is so much to experience and the possibility for growth emotionally  and spiritually is endless and I can grow all  life

I think the problem with my understanding of these slogans is that I have used the secondary idea in slogan as the primary idea. The secondary in the first idea is “Keep my nose out of your business”. The secondary idea of Live and Let live is I should allow you to live your own life. This is especially true if I think you are making mistakes in your life.

I am going to rephrase the first of the slogans. Mind [Pay attention to, make your first goal] taking care of your self. When I think the the slogan [Mind your own business] it then says “Pay attention to your own affairs.” Or again “Make taking care of your own self  your most important goal. One time one of my lovely daughters said “Dad, If I do not take care of myself then I have nothing to give other people.”

The same idea is fundamental to “Live and let live”. Yes I have to let you run your own life because if I don’t I will be unable to give myself a good life. If I want to have a good life I must take the energy I have given  to your life and use it to give myself a wonderful life.

Like everything else I have learned in my program I must gently and gradually learn a different way of living. Nothing I have ever learned in my program is one and done. Every thing requires me to take  step at a time to reverse my behavior. Behavior change for me has never been an event. It is always a process.

I have a performance gap in my makeup. It takes time to get my behavior to show up forth Once Jesus said “The Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth”. My beloved older sister Evelyn is the only person I have ever known could learn a truth and quickly get it into her behavior.. I am not that way

As it has been said so aptly “You only have one life so make it your own.

2 thoughts on “Mind Your Own Business

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    1. I have no desire to be well known. I am thankful for this chance to express my heart. IF God makes what I say more widely read that is his/her choice. I do deeply like that you and I have connected. George


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