I just watched a documentery on Hiroshima. The suffering was unimaginable. Kids decaying alive from radiation poisoning, people instantly vaporized and on and on. I also watched a doc on the Chinese city where an earth quake killed 90,000 people.

In the doctrine in which I  grew up Hell was described as a place where people burned in a eternal flame forever.  A place of eternal torment.

Joan of Arc was burned alive. That is hard for me to understand her pain.  At least her pain did not last very long. The hell I grew up with was Joan of Arc burning forever.

I have a good friend in a good sized meeting I have attended often. She very authentically loves all the people that regularly attend that meeting. Yet she says she believes in eternal hell. I believe she honestly believes in hell. If she ever though about she would have to believe that 75% of the people that she truly loves are going to burn alive forever.

In the Bible Hell is for the devil and his angels. Sometimes the Bible compares Hell to Gehenna which is a trash dump. at least there the burning is short lived. I think hell is a monstrously destructive belief system. What is the logic trail that goes from God is love and God condemns that vast majority of people who ever live to Hell. Is Calvary such a weak event that it leaves most people out side of the circle of grace. In my personal hell terror I probably have accepted Jesus as my savior hundreds of times if not thousands.

The sentence that begins all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. The second half of that sentence says God justified everyone that has fallen short of the glory of God’s glory.






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