My Imagination

A few years back, I had a spiritual adviser named Warren. We met once a week, usually in a park. It was a wonderful time for me.

One day, after we had been working together for a year or so he asked me to visualize the very best future I could think of for myself. I answered, “Warren, I just don’t have that good an imagination”. My answer was fine with him.

Our conversation continued amiably for a half hour or so. Then he said, “George I have something I just have to tell you. God has given me a message for you. You are going to lose your job, you will not be able to find another one and you will lose your place to live”. In continued on in that scary vein for another minute or two.

I was shocked. Warren was not the kind of person who would say something like that. I could feel myself slipping into panic. I said “Warren, why are you saying this?

He responded, “What I said was total bull shit. I just made it up and  God does not give me messages for other people. I just wanted you to see that you have a powerful imagination. The trouble is you only use your imagination  in a negative way. You need to learn to use it positively so you can enjoy all the good God has given you”.

I am still working on using my imagination as a force for joy in my life.

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