Lets Destroy Homophobia

Yesterday was overwhelmed with grief over the attack in Orlando. Today I am pissed off. Homophobia is not a victimless attitude. Christians need to remember Jesus had absolutely nothing to say about homosexuality except to include everyone in the idea to love your neighbor as yourself. Paul tells us what to bring forward out of the Old Testament. According to Paul we were to remember to care for the poor. Paul also wrote to prevent the brand new church from adopting temple prostitution as a means of financing the church.

I do not see any reason for me to hesitate about dealing with gay people the same way Jesus did. Jesus did not exclude overweight people from love your neighbor for which I am grateful. Thankfully he did not did not exclude old people. To Jesus weight age and sexual orientation were simply not issues.

I think Paul would be scandalized at the idea that what he wrote would be to add something to the teaching of Jesus that Jesus forgot to include. He wrote to help us be more christlike.

0ne time a lovely woman came to see me at the mission where I worked. She was a very good friend. She said “George I admire you because it must be so hard to work with alcoholics because they are so prone to fall back to their addiction.”

She was overweight just like me. I said to her Rebecca, suppose everyone judged your spirituality because you frequently over eat and tend to fall off your diets.” She said “I see what you mean”. She took it very graciously.

I thank all my wonderful friends who have graciously accepted me, all of me, including my overhanging belly.

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