Growing Old And Staying Young


I am 78 now. I am very satisfied with the strength I have accumulated over the years. Still I understand that aging is going to require that I keep growing because the getting older keeps getting progressively more difficult. As I age life gets more demanding and also more rewarding. I do have to deal with my declining body but I don’t have to deal with so much inner struggle.

I need to deal with diminished skill when I drive my car. However, I have the patience to drive more slowly. It seems to me that the losses I experience at whatever age I am are compensated for by additional riches. Therefore, I think that the most important thing for me is to enjoy this day no matter the year in which this day falls.

Yesterday I spent the morning with some program friends. I also enjoyed facebook contact with people of my life that now live miles away. My family is so very dear to me. I miss the days when they were small and gathered around me but these days are wonderful too.

The people I have wronged don’t weigh on me nor does how they have wronged me. I will never be able to discern who was right and who was wrong precisely. Figuring that out is a waste of effort because in the end I will simply turn the whole mess over to God. If I have failed you I am sorry. If you have failed me no worries. I never want my disease to pin down my program wings.

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