When I was a boy I loved to eat excessively. I remember times on Thanksgiving that ate to pain. On Easter I went to lunch with my son-in law Chad’s  family. The meal was put on by a facebook friends Lee Ping and Gary. Lee Ping. Lee Ping is one of my facebook friends. She often reads and likes things I post on Facebook. Her husband is named Gary. Gary’s brother is Ed who is step dad to Chad. Chad is married to my Daughter Gina. Gina’ always makes thing better for me. I have a sore back so She puts me if the front seat of any car we are in. In this case it was a smallish car. Ed Drove. That meant that Chad’s Mom Pat was in the back seat with Gina and Chad. Chad who is a big, tall well built man . Chad chose the seat in the middle of the back seat.

When we got to the Restaurant we surprised Ed and Gary’s parents Mack and Marie. It was their 63rd wedding anniversary. Mack retired from People’s Drug Stores.In the 60’s I worked at People’s as their Assistant Computer manager. At that time Mack was managing People’s Drug Store s in the DC area. The corporate offices were located in D.C.

Gary and Lee Ping are expecting twins pretty soon. I asked her if she knew their sex. She said they were one boy and one girl. I told Lee Ping that that was very efficient. I suggested she wait until my birthday in late July. She groaned sweetly and said she would never make it. It doesn’t hurt to ask does it. I thought of offering Gary and Lee Ping use of my name George but I knew that would provoke a hard elbow in the ribs from Gina. That would cause me pain and then Gina would feel bad. I didnot want Gina to feel bad so I deferred.

When the food came it was placed on a on a circular piece so the food could be rotated. I think I counted 18 or more dishes. It was all so delicious. I stopped eating fairly early on because I remembered my boyhood and how uncomfortable I felt on Thanksgiving.

The trouble was that their always wonderful new dishes passing right in front of me. I would say just one more dish. The result was I ended up eating each dish. I knew Lee Ping wanted me to enjoy the food so for her sake I kept eating. I will get some extra exercise today to make things equal. Mack and I exchanged phone numbers so we could enjoy telling each other People’s Drug stories at a later date.

There were four generations of McKays’ at the table. Gary’s daughter Jennifer was there with her son Gunner. Gunner sat next to his Great Grandmother Marie. It turns Both Grandma Marie and !0 year old Gunner were both great teasers. That was our floor show. Marie teased and Gunner came back with equal power. He is a great kid just crammed with humor, grace and energy. You should have seen it.

The beauty of the day was there was such a love and acceptance between us all. There were a lot of people there that had just met. We all loved being a part of the joy of the anniversary and the thrill of Lee Pings Pregnancy. I have long thought that there is nothing as lovely as a pregnant woman. Lee Ping was just radiant. We all were so alive and enjoyed our celebration of resurrection.

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