There are three definitions of stability.

1. A body is stable if when disturbed it tends to return to its original position. This is like one of those blowup plastic clowns kids play with. No matter how many times you knock it over it bounces right back.

In my program this stability is the absolute determination to keep on keeping on no matter how many times I fail. Maybe fifty years ago I said I am going to learn to be far healthier than I am right now. If I take a step backwards 10,000 times I will start again 10.000 times.

2.A body is stable if when it is disturbed it tends to remain in its original position. This is the Rock of Gibraltar kind of stability. In my program I have notice that after the first kind of stability occurs thousands of times I gradually enter the second kind ofstability. I became far harder to knock off my feet.

3.A body is stable if when it tends to stay in motion when it is in motion. This is the freight train kind of stability.

I have noticed that people that have this powerful kind of love tend not to notice it about themselves. They love and help people in a completely unselfconscious manner.

A good friend of mine is a person that has benefitted people like me in a ongoing and powerful way. When I commented on her contributions to me and others in a private conversation with her she just laughed and said “George, everything I have ever done was done out of the feeling of desperation with which I came to program. I will go to any length to keep going forward so I will never go back the that old sense of being completely overwhelmed”.

A woman named Elsa was my first program sponsor maybe twenty years ago. I saw her as the most effective human being I had ever known.When I said that to her she responded by saying in something like “O George you certainly have the gift of Blarney”.

I want to learn to be ever more loving to the people around me that are so dear to me.

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