Learning to read

My good buddy Butch posted a beautiful picture on FB of a branch of an apple tree loaded with beautiful red apple shining in the sun. I have longed for red apples since. However, those apples are not perfect in the way The Bible uses the word perfect as in the following text.

I don’t remember my first Bible but I cam tell you from the time I came home as a newborn the family would gather on my parents bed to have devotion. Ruthie is 7+years younger than me.so it was 5 kids and mom and dad.Every one took terms reading a verse. When I was a few years old I read my verse too. When it was my turn to read my dad would point at a word and I would try and at first fail to read the word and then he would say the word and I would repeat it. I remember the Joseph story in Genesis. I loved it. Maybe we read it more often I don’t know but I am sure I would beg to read it.

When I got to school run Dick run wasn’t very hard I had wrestled with Melchizedek. I remember .feeling a trust and peace around the Bible. Later I would get obsessed with a passage and read it for the beauty of it. Psalms was the first passage that took me by storm. It still thrills me. In my 30’s it was Ephesians. I learned to pray and ask god to give me one thing to obey out of my reading.

If you know my story you will remember how much abuse I took from my mom and dad. That was confusing. Still I somehow knew that what I needed was in the bible. I have read a chapter backwards sometimes in an effort to get past what I thought it said so I could see what it actually said. I know the Holy Spirit kept showing me what I was to learn next. I can’t explain it but I am sure the Bible kept me sane even if for a time I went off on a tangent. I owe my life to the anchor scripture was to me. was to me.


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