Original Goodness

I was raised being taught a doctrine called “Original Sin. That doctrine said  that I was tainted with sin from birth or maybe even from  conception.I find that idea to be damaging and unbilical. I believe I was created in the image of God unbesmirched by sin. Soon enough I sinned for myself of course but sinfulness is not my natural status.However, without question, I have sinfulness in common with all mankind.

I was taught a most unhealthy attitude about sex. I had a teenager’s wonderful sex drive. However I felt the fact that sex was so  often on my mind bespoke of a total,  absolute rottenness within. I sometimes wonder if the doctrine of original sin became popular because of it’s connection with sex. If I was the result of sex I had to be originally sinful.


All of that  misconception left me with the idea that I was completely unacceptable.I was taught that salvation said you are are totally evil but God loves you anyway. Instead of that negative starting point  I feel that because that I, just like you are  wonderful that God in His glorious love wanted to restore me to the state He gave me in the beginning. This honoring of our original wonder can be seen  in the verse that says I was so desirable that Jesus endured his cross because  having me and you would give  him such joy that he felt the cross was worth it.







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